BelamiOnline has brought us so many hot new guys over the past 12 months, but who are the TOP 10 BelAmi Newcomers in 2016? Who are the guys that stood out of the crowd and will make it and become one of their next big stars?

Before I start, a short description on how and what data I collected and let influence my decision for the ranking here. Usually newcomers at BelamiOnline are introduced with a solo video (casting). The next step should be a solo photo set plus a video of the photo shooting.

I only considered models who had their casting video released on BelamiOnline in 2016. Some of these guys have already been featured on KinkyAngels before that, some might even have worked for other studios.

Their members’ votes play an important role. But also the content that has been released with the new model since then. Usually, BelAmi will not release anything of a new model unless they have already a good amount of content produced with him.


Unless, they are insecure if a potential new model will hit the taste of their members. In a case like that they might release his casting video and see how their members react. Often enough, they were able to see the potential of an upcoming star, but sometimes they didn’t, like in the case of Jack Harrer, who had very mixed reactions.

The next step would usually be that a promising newcomer is introduced on Freshmen (before Nov. 2016 KinkyAngels). If he has a big feature there, he can be sure he’s made it. So this is also an important factor for this ranking.

In the end I mixed all the gathered information together and came up with these TOP 10 BelAmi Newcomers in 2016. Feel free to comment below if you agree or not!

TOP 10 BelAmi Newcomers 2016:

10. Shane Sanders

What can I say about Shane Sanders? I am not so sure about him. And it seems to be the same with the guys from BelAmi. They keep on releasing videos with him and asking their members, what they think about Shane. Only studio boss George Duroy seems to be positive that Shane will be a great addition to their team.

Shane is not their classical beauty. But definitely a cute twink with a huge cock and the capability of taking big dicks up his little butt. He proved that when he got fucked by thick dicked Charlie Bogard on BelamiOnline and Bastian Dufy on KinkyAngels. So far, Shane is not very charismatic, but he seems to feel more comfortable in scenes together with other guys.

Shane & Charlie Bogard fucks Shane Sanders on BelamiOnline (click to open gallery):

Last I read was that Shane was not put on an exclusive contract, so he may very well just disappear again.


Joaquin earned mixed reactions for his casting video. So far, that’s all that has been released of him on BelamiOnline, but just recently was featured in a hardcore scene with Jeff Mirren on Freshmen.

Although quite muscular for his age, Joaquin looked a bit puffy at his casting. Maybe too much party? He sure was quite horny which caught Kevin’s interest, who filmed the casting. Joaquin is your typical bad-boy, probably straight but horny enough to try anything.

Jeff Mirren fucks Joaquin on BelamiOnline (click to open gallery):

But what could have helped in the decision of working with him is that Joaquin is Adam Archuleta’s cousin and Adam sure promised that this boy has potential. He’s a bit leaner now and bottomed in his first hardcore scene with Jeff on Freshmen.


Liam Efron Casting

I wasn’t really impressed by Liam Efron. Just a cute twink with a slim, hairless body and an average dick. But right from the start, Liam was very open and even talkative. Not the usual shy newcomer. Some people even say he’s hyperactive.

Liam Efron Solo on KinkyAngels (click to open gallery):

When Liam’s solo was released on BelamiOnline, he already had been featured on KinkyAngels in their August issue, with an interview, a solo and a hardcore scene with Jack Harrer.

Jack Harrer fucks Liam Efron on KinkyAngels (click to open gallery):

Having your first anal bottoming scene with Jack is quite an achievement. They say that he did a great job and now keeps on asking for more scenes with Jack. And since then, he’s already been in two 4somes together with Jack. Do we have a teenage-crush here?


Unlike many of their Czech models, some of those Hungarian boys like Nino Valens tend to have something exotic about them and differ from them blond jock-type that BelAmi has been so successful with. And as a result, some of their members don’t appreciate this.

Adam Archuleta fucks Nino Valens on KinkyAngels (click to open gallery):

The rating for Nino’s solo and single photoshoot weren’t so great, but BelAmi were sure about his qualities and had already invested in this boy. They sent him to New Zealand for 3 months to learn English and featured him on KinkyAngels in their May issue.

Nino Valens Art Collection on KinkyAngels (click to open gallery):

Besides almost becoming fluent in English during his stay in New Zealand, Nino also learned to accept himself and his sexuality and is now open about being gay. He even is/was in a relationship with fellow Hungarian model Jean-Luc Bisset.



Justin Saradon Casting

Justin is a cute boy with luscious lips, but too young and skinny for many of their members. The fact that he was totally shaved for his casting video added to that impression. But he certainly was 18 years old and already had a lot of experience with mainly girls at that time.

Justin Saradon featured on KinkyAngels (click to open gallery):

Justin came to BelAmi with the idea of only being a top. He sure has a thick cock for slim a boy. But already in his first hardcore video, which was released on KinkyAngels in June, he took on Joel Birkin’s legendary 10 inch cock. And their members loved watching him.

Joel Birkin fucks Justin Saradon on KinkyAngels (click to open gallery):

Justin is also one of those boys who learned that they are not as straight or bisexual as they thought, once they started working for BelAmi and went through their intense training phase.


Charlie Bogard Casting

Charlie’s solo was the first to be released in 2016. And it was not a warm welcome by their members. Many of them clearly rejected and disliked him. They didn’t like his looks, his attitude, his cut dick. Although it’s a very big dick. Even the guys at Belami weren’t sure about Charlie and he started working for other studios before returning to BelAmi.

Charlie Bogard solo set on BelamiOnline (click to open gallery):

Charlie’s casting video also didn’t really meat the BelAmi standards as it was probably one of Kevin Warhol’s first attempts. Charlie’s solo photo shooting and video shot after his return were much more appreciated by their members.

Charlie Bogard fucks Dylan Maguire on BelamiOnline (click to open gallery):

Since then, quite a number of hardcore scene with him were released on BelamiOnline and Freshmen / KinkyAngels. He didn’t get a model page on BelamiOnline though until now, which shows a little less appreciation then for others that came after him.

Charlie Bogard in 4way Cross Jerk on BelamiOnline (click to open gallery):


Espen Torb Casting

A lean and blond 18 year old with smooth skin and an open personality from the Czech Republic. What’s not to like about Espen? A super active young guy who was even a semi-professional soccer player one day.

In fact, their members were raving about this young jock after watching his casting video in January and BelAmi released his solo photo shooting and video in February. Nothing since then though, also not on KinkyAngels or Freshmen. But I am sure there is more to come.

Espen Torb solo set on BelamiOnline (click to open gallery):

They are not very clear about Espen’s sexuality. In the interview part of his casting video he talked about his first sexual experience and a foursome after a celebration with his soccer team, but in their translating, they don’t say if he had sex with a guy or a girl.

Still, Espen was eager to work with them and it will be interesting to watch him push his limits while playing around with all those horny boys.



Thierry Dore Casting

Thierry Doré is a cute 19 year old Czech boy who strongly reminds of Hoyt Kogan. And interestingly enough, instead of having a solo photo shooting like most other newcomers, Thierry had the honor to do a duo photo shooting with Hoyt, which was highly appreciated by their members.

His handsome looks, that long schlong and great smooth ass will help Thierry to become a regular model on BelamiOnline. With some more muscles and more cockiness in front of the camera, he can become one of their new stars. I rather see him as a bottom with that sexy butt and hope he’s fine with that role.

Thierry Doré and Hoyt Kogan on BelamiOnline (click to open gallery):

Thierry had his first sexual encounter on his 18th birthday, and it sounds rather like it was with a girl. Still, although being a bit nervous, he did very well in his first duo scene and was a great contrast to the self-loving Hoyt. Kissing didn’t seem that easy for him, but Thierry came while getting a handjob from Hoyt and shot a huge load all over himself.


Danny Defoe Casting

Danny Defoe has already been introduced on KinkyAngels before his casting video was released on BelamiOnline in January 2016. In February, he was featured with a solo, interview and a hardcore scene with big dicked Gino Mosca. He was a total twink when his casting video was shot and most of their members found him simply adorable.

Danny Defoe solo on KinkyAngels (click to open gallery):

Danny was 18 years old back then. He dropped out of college, comes from a poor family in Budapest, Hungary and has two sisters and two brothers. Basically he liked to party and fuck. And he liked money, that’s why he needed a job and applied at BelAmi.

Danny Defoe fucks Kris Evans on BelamiOnline (click to open gallery):

And at BelAmi, they like to take care of lost boys like Danny. IF they are willing to pay back and be reliable models. And Danny is reliable and we could admire this big twink dick already in an oral scene with Julien Hussey and in another scene, split up in two videos, flip fucking with none less then Kris Evans.

Gino Mosca fucks Danny Defoe on KinkyAngels (click to open gallery):

On KinkyAngels / Freshmen, Danny has been quite present and had hardcore scenes released with their bigger names like Helmut Huxley and Torsten Ullman, plus fellow newcomers Jean-Luc Bisset and Nino Valens.


Jesse Kriel Casting

Jesse who? Yes, Jesse Kriel is the hottest BelAmi newcomer in 2016! After watching his casting video, their members were raving about this super handsome, blond and athletic 18 year old boy. It got the highest member ratings and even made it into the TOP 20 casting videos of all time. None other came even close in 2016.

A risky selection, I must admit. Jesse’s casting video was released in April 2016 and nothing since then. Not even a comment if we will get to see more of him anytime soon, or ever. Their members are already begging for BelAmi to bring him back.

Jesse Kriel casting on BelamiOnline (click to open gallery):

Jesse was quite shy and nervous during his casting. He didn’t seem to be very charismatic or even horny. Just a good boy with great grades in school, who’s in a relationship since 2.5 years. But he definitely has a lot of potential and a big cock.

Jesse could become the next Dolph Lambert. If there is a place for someone like that at BelAmi today. And if he returned to do more work.

Agree or disagree with this selection? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you think!